Ah, the smell of bacon and pancakes with Trot Nixon

While most were sleeping in on a Saturday morning, I had the opportunity to hear Trot Nixon share about his life and faith in Christ. I always knew that Trot was a GREAT individual, not only for his achievement but his heart and spirit. To hear him verbalize his faith and be able to say that he was empty inside even after winning the World Series with the Boston Red Sox was inspiring. To hear anyone proclaim that even the greatest experience is nothing unless it is filled with Christ just resonated with me this morning. If you wonder why, read my "Empty" Post.

Brian Furtado and his Men's Ministry crew did an awesome job with this event. Our newly renovated fellowship hall was packed with people of all ages. One person even acknowledged becoming a Christian during Trot's invitation. I am so thankful to be a part of something on a Saturday morning that will make the difference in the lives of people for eternity. If you would like more information on the men's ministry check out http://www.pinevalleybc.org

I'm also looking forward to this evening. I am taking our teenagers to a youth rally in Reigelwood at First Baptist to hear Darrin Gurganious (former Satanist) who will share much about his past and focus on the occult agenda and how it is fulfilled through music, games, and the Internet. If you want to go, be at the church at 5. I'm sure I'll put a post up about this too.
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  1. i forgot about this :(

  2. Thanks for the plug James! Make sure the youth get involved in our volleyball tournament coming up on August 22nd!


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