Are you missing an H?

God moments for me come at random times. Usually they occur while I am in the shower, mowing the grass or doing something outside. I was changing our church sign this morning and had one of those moments. If you take a good look at the sign you will notice an "H" is missing from "with". Granted "Come Worship Wit Us" could be slang and understood by some, it is obvious that the letter is missing. God reminded me that when I seek to leave Him out of our daily lives, we can often send a skewed or wrong message. I pray that God gives me the strenght to see what is missing in my life, the courage to change it and the grace to see it completed. (John 15:5) " . . . apart from Me you can do nothing."


  1. Anonymous5:25 PM

    James...YOU ROCK, no REALLY you do! I so wish I had a youth pastor like you when I was a youth. You are so honest, open and real and if its one thing a kid can recognize its an adult who does not live the way they expect them to live. You are an inspiration and a blessing to our church and community. If I can help ever let me know!


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