Don't Forget The Sugar

I love a good chocolate chip cookie. There is nothing greater than that and a glass of milk. This morning I was reminded of a time when someone made a batch of these tasty treats and accidentally mixed up the sugar with salt. You can imagine the taste of that, or maybe you can't. Anyway, I knew at the first bite that something was not right. Something was missing. The same can be said for my life at times. I assure you that I have great plans in my mind of what I would like to be or become. Any great motivational speaker would say that those plans should be broken down into achievable goals.
In my haste to "make" things happen in my life I have often forgotten the sugar. What I had hoped to be a sweet satisfying refreshment ended up being bitter and indigestible. The problem is that I left God out of the recipe. You would think as a minister I wouldn't do that, but as I am reminded everyday, I am only human. That is not an excuse, just a fact. I was reminded today to live for God today more than hope for what he will do tomorrow.
It is important to have plans and goals, but how will I react when God wants to change them? I have learned through life that often His plan though unseen at the times has the greatest rewards. If this blog finds you today, remember to make God the main ingredient in your plan today not a cheap look alike. For some great perspective on this read James 4:13-16