Coming Off The Mountain

Today has been kind of a wash as I settle down from a great week in the mountains with some of the coolest adults and teenagers around. This was a great time for all of us to get out of our daily routines and get our focus back on God and the plan that he has for our lives. There was a lot of time spent in studying the Bible in hopes of finding help for us as we seek to not be perfect, but to hand over control of our lives to God. There were truly some amazing things that happened during the trip, but at this point it is hard to explain some of them. Obviously we had a great time. I would encourage anyone to find a group like this that can become your "second family". I am so grateful to the adult leaders who spent their time and resources making this retreat a success.

I've loaded over 450 photos from the week into my Picasa album. It is true when they say every picture tells a story. For those that attended this trip, prayerfully use some of these pics to "capture" a moment in your life when God was "real" to you. If you are just surfing the pics, then enjoy. Please take a moment to pray for us as we seek to put into "practice" what we learned during the week.
Psalm 63:1 Does a great job of illustrating some of what we experienced this week. Take the time to read this encouraging passage. Please leave comments on this blog if there are pictures that really mean a lot to you. If so why?

Mountain Top Experience - Movin' On Up Pictures 2009