Ten Apps That Got Me Through Hurricane Irene

We are now on the back end of Hurricane Irene. The wind and rain continue to assault our neighborhood but Donna and I are very grateful that we made it through safely. Our prayer was "Lord please keep us and others safe during this Hurricane or give us the strength to handle whatever happens." One of the ways I prepared for the storm was:
  • A) To make sure my phone (DroidX) stayed fully charged as long as I had power.  Also, my car charger was ready in our truck just in case.
  • B) I downloaded some good apps to help track the storm. These apps are found in the Android Market Place.  (Most of these apps are available for the IOS platform as well)
Here is a list the apps that got me through the night.
  • 1) Droidlight - Yes I did have regular flashlights available but if I needed something fast I knew my phone would be with me. With one touch my phone becomes a bright LED flashlight (Turns on the Camera Flash)
  • 2) TweetDark - This app combines my Twitter and Facebook feeds. I can follow and post both platforms with this app. There was actually a lot of good information being posted in cyberspace. I was able to keep up with friends status updates and make sure @JimCantore was not in Wilmington. (Omen of a Bad Storm)
  • 3) TuneIn Radio - An app that streams radio stations. This was my high tech version of a battery powered radio. It had all the local stations plus a feed from the Wilmington Emergency Services.
  • 4) Scanner Radio - This is scanner that allows users to listen to fire, police, ems and weather streams for locations across the country including New Hanover County. This came in very hand when Irene first began her assault on Wilmington. It reminded me of when I had my old Fire Radio. The only problem was that the feeds would go up and down and were inconsistent.
  • 5) Facebook - This gave me a more detailed Facebook only of what my friends were doing. Also, it helped when I was bored too.
  • 6) Hurricane Software - This app did a great job of showing me exactly where Irene was at and did a really good job of giving an estimate of how she was progressing. 
  • 7) The Weather Channel - This is a given. What a great resource for up to the minute changes.
  • 8) WECT First Alert Weather: Local Weather that specifically covers the Wilmington Viewing area. They also have a life radar feed.
  • 9) Handcent SMS - This is a text messaging app that adds more features to the stock texting app like group sending and themes. Text messages take a lot less data than a voice call which means you have a better chance of getting the message out and not taxing the carrier's service.
  • 10) Bible - Last but certainly not least, You Version's Bible App has become a tremendous resources. While you can't read a Bible in the dark, you can read from a phone screen. In times of trouble and being anxious, His word always assures me. 
That's how we made it through the night. How about you did you rely on any tech to keep you plugged into what was happening around you during Irene? Leave a comment and let me know.