Why I Blog

No one ever starts a blog with the aspirations of keeping it out of date.  Some of my friend have even decided to stop blogging because they didn't want the pressure of keeping it up.  When I first started my blog I wanted to "be-like" others in my circles that seemed to inspire with every post.  I also, wanted to be able to express myself in ways other than the social media posting related to my ministry and events.  There are a few reasons for my blog absences. 1) There has been nothing to say 2) I have been really busy 3) What I wanted to say would not be beneficial. I see this blog more as a reflection of the overflow of what God is doing in my life and for that reason I will make a better attempt at posting here.  God is my all in all and without Him I would be nothing. He shows me everyday that I shouldn't try to be like everyone else but just focus on what He wants me to be.

Also, I included this picture of our Dog Baxley and I with Donna in Myrtle Beach for our weekend getaway.  He turned 11 yesterday. We treasure every moment God gives us with him.