In God's Grip

Today is a big day for my wife Donna.  She was diagnosed with Rhumatoid Arthritis in her early twenties, and yes it is hereditary.  God has been very good to her with great Dr.'s and medicine.  Over years her knuckle has deteriorated to the point it is out of joint due to RA.  (As seen in picture) Dr. Li and his team with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center are fixing it as I write this.  EVERYONE at this hospital have been so nice, proffesional and prompt.  Yes when an appointment is scheduled for 1:30, they see you at 1:30. 

Anyway, I know we are always in God's hands but it becomes more real when you walk away from a loved one in a hospital bed and know that shortly they will be in surgery.  Our family, friends and church have been so supportive.  We both love and treasure each one.  Our hope is to get her in the truck after the surgery and make it home before the pain meds wear off.  If you have a chance, say a prayer and we will see you on the other side of this.