A Tool For Getting Help In Your Ministry

I have a default of doing everything myself.  Many times I justify it by saying, "I don't want to inconvenience someone", "I can do it faster", "I don't want to hear them say no", etc.  After 20 + years of ministry God continues to show me there is only one God and I am not Him. I need to trust Him with everything, especially with the administrative side of ministry.  He has placed some great parents and friends in my life that continually encourage, stretch and challenge me.  During a meeting with the Youth Committee we began talking about needs within the student ministry.  Too many times I will publish and article in a newsletter and think "I've done my part" but unfortunately people don't always read what we write (Gasp)! I have learned that one can post on facebook, twitter, email, text message, send smoke signals, Morse code (You get my point) to only receive minimal responses. There is no substitution for face to face, sign on the dotted line pleas for help.  This tool emerged from that discussion. The Big Ole' Sign Up Sheet

We picked one Sunday to have a Parent Pizza Luncheon with our families.  Members of our Youth Committee went from table to table in the meeting and Sunday School classes to recruit names. The end result was three sheets filled with names of people who wanted to help.  Some of the names were from people we did not even expect.  Next, we sent a follow up letter thanking and confirming them for their commitment. This was a great tool for us and I thought I'd share it with you.  Change it, modify it, and make it work for your organization.  Sometimes the most effective tools are the simple ones.

The Categories:

  • Wednesday Night Snacks - People who would provide a snack for our students on a Wednesday night.  Not a full meal, but something to tide them over.  Many don't eat until they get home after church.  Also, if you have food, students will come :)
  • Host Homes - People who will open their houses for Bible Studies, Small Groups, and Disciple Now Weekends.
  • $ Donations for Scholarship and Minister Needs - I never want money to stand in the way of a child going on a trip.  Many students come from single families and homes that have been hit The bonds and impact those trips have go a long way to integrating them with the group as well as affect them spiritually.  Some people just have the gift if giving.  We want to let them exercise that.  Also, there may be projects like meeting space renovation, tools etc that people may give for.  The budget still must be the main support for the ministry but this gives a leader people to go to at special times, not ever time.
  • Grab Bag: There may be people in your organization that have gifts like carpentry, canning, knitting, etc that could be used for ministry.  I like this because it opens the doors for ways to minister that I wouldn't normally think of.
  • First Call:  For those that want to be contacted first for anything.