This Seat is Taken

During the 2012 Republican National Convention, Clint Eastwood (Actor) directed his conversation to an empty chair which was to symbolize current President Barack Obama.  

Barak Obama replied via his twitter account with this picture saying "This seat's taken"

I share this not to go on a political rant on either party but to talk for a moment about the "seat" of the President.  Quite arguably the seat behind the desk of the oval office is the most powerful seat in the world.  Whether we agree with the person behind the desk or not, they are in charge. 

I was reminded this morning of an even more important seat.  That seat is the throne of our lives.  Who or what do we let sit in the center of our lives and make the call on what we believe, how we should react or where we should place our devotion?  God tells us plainly in Exodus 20:3 that He is to be in our seat. The center of our lives.  It is saved, made and reserved By Him for Him alone.

Exodus 20:3
"You must not have an other god but me"
(New Living Translation)

When we value things or the approval of others OVER God's will then they become our idol.  When the opinions of friends cause us to ignore and out right violate God's word we give them god-status in our lives.  We give them "The Seat".  If we are not careful we can elevate good people, loved ones, supervisors, church work, etc. over God's will for our lives.  God is a jealous God! He wants, demands and deserves to be number one. When God is first, everything else falls into place. When a car is being built there is only ONE driver's seat. When God created us, He designed the seat of our heart for Himself. Remember that seat is taken!

Who or what is sitting in "the seat" of your life?