Why Do Bad Things Happen?

Each day we are inundated with news of bad things happening in our world, nation, and community.  Often I am asked, “Why does God let bad things happen to good people?”  There is a lot of theology in that questions but in times of hurt, theology does not do much to take away the pain and fear.  How can one wrap their minds around an event like 9/11, the Atlanta Olympics Bombing, the Boston Marathon Bombing and constant terrorism in other countries?  Questions like, “Is God really in control?” “Is God really all powerful, knowing and loving?”  The bigger question would be “Why?” We will not get the answer to that question until we get to heaven. The Bible says that fully understanding God is impossible (Isaiah 55:8) but, through God’s word we can make sense of tragedy in this world.

Four Reasons For Bad Things Happening

1.  We Are Human (Sin) - Genesis 3:17-19 & 22  Sin affects everyone. God’s punishment of sin is more than justification of a wrong action.  Adam and Eve had strayed away from their love and devotion towards God.  They did not “need” him.  Sin reminds us that we are flawed and that we need God.  He created us in His image to be made complete through a relationship with Him.  Evil reminds us of our need for God.

2. We Live In a Sinful World - Matthew 5:45; Ephesians 6:12, 1 Peter 5:8  Life is not fair.  When it rains outside, the rain does not distinguish between Christians and Non-Christian, it falls on everyone.  We live in a world where evil rains down everyday.  Those that have a relationship with God have an umbrella.

3.  We Are Taught Dependence on God - Isaiah 29:13-14; Proverbs 3:5-6  It is ironic and unfair that we live in a world that has sought to rid God from our schools, government and culture. The moral law that was established by our dependence on God’s word has decayed.  There is no absolute law.  Our world does not want a God that tells them when they are wrong but yet they want his His power and protection. Much like a rebellious teenager, we want God to leave us alone because we know everything but when we get into trouble, we expect His help. Bad things remind us that we must depend on Him.

4.  We Are Strengthened - James 1:2-3; Proverbs 3:11-12  God is so merciful.  Bad things remind us of our weakness.  In those moments He strengthens us.  9/11 was a wake up call to our nation.  In response to such a terrible attack the TSA rewrote the security procedures for flying.  Emergency service learned from the mistakes made in the response to that attack.  Our government established the Department of Homeland Security to constantly monitor threats to our nation.  Our nation returned to God to help heal us and make sense of such a horrible tragedy.  The same is happening in the wake of the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Through God we will be stronger. God Strong!