No Longer Swinging But Still Rocking

Donna and I are really enjoying our new chapter in life.  We moved to Anderson for me to Pastor Homeland Park Baptist Church.  Anderson holds a dear space in our heart because Donna grew up there and we met at Anderson University.  While out riding around town last night after a great home cooked meal, we drove around the AU campus and saw "The Swings".

We like many couples during our time at AU spent a lot of time sitting in those swings, talking about life, dreams and where we felt God leading us.  I was shocked when we went to sit in the swings and they had been locked down.  THE SWINGS DO NOT SWING ANYMORE!  They are locked down.  Now they are just fancy chairs.
After the shock wore off, God reminded me of this point.  The importance of the swings are not in their movement but what they represent.  God often instructed people in the Bible to build altars after they experienced Him (Genesis 35:1-14).  Altars served as reminders of God's hand working in their lives.  These swings at AU are altars in our lives that remind us of how God has moved in our lives for over 20+ years.  They remind us to enjoy the simple things like taking time together to remember when, where and why we married in the first place.  Our marriage has not been perfect but, is there such a thing? The swings may not swing anymore but we are still rocking.  I am grateful God took two college kids who were full of dreams and knit them together for His glory and purpose.

The take away for me on this post is this:

  1. Take the time to recognize the special moments, places and people that God has put in our lives.
  2. Though things change, remember why they were special in the first place.
  3. Life is not about where you sit but who you share it with.
What about you?  Do you have special places (altars) that remind you of times in your life where God provided?  If you do not, can you establish one?  Have you ever sat in these swings at Anderson University?  What's your story?