Hanging With Bruno Today

Today has been a productive and playful day so far.  Saturday's for a Pastor are kind of like the day before a big game for an athlete.  There is a lot of reviewing of the playlist (the Bible), Listening to the coach (Prayer) and getting your equipment ready (Outlines, PowerPoint , You Version Outline, Meeting Agenda's and of course your uniform (Coat and Tie).  OK, maybe that is too much milking of the illustration.

Anyway, while Donna was getting a head start on our packing boxes to move from our apartment to our new house in July, she came into my study. I could tell something was not right (even over the music in my earphones).  She was upset because she found a bib she had purchased for our former dog Baxley that read, "I Love My Daddy".  Yes, that's right a bib for a dog.  Don't judge us, he was our Son :)  We both had a good cry then the sweetest thing happened.  Bruno jumped on the bed and laid on top of Donna almost as if to say I am here for you both and he just looked at the bib.

I thanked God for the reminder that He has blessed us with beautiful memories of Baxley and a new life with Bruno. For the record, the bib did NOT fit Bruno :)

Next, Bruno came to help me finish up my studying of the Sunday School lesson just as Baxley used to do.

Later, Donna had the idea for us to take Bruno to Nettle's Dog Park in Clemson.  Bruno's previous owners had told us about this place.  As we pulled up, there was a pack of dogs playing. Bruno had no problems fitting in.

Now we are all enjoying some down time before the big game (worship services)  tomorrow.  Not sure why I shared this.  Maybe it was for you, or maybe it was just for me.  Either way, I hear that the most entertaining blogs are the ones that are transparent and real.  This is as real as it gets.  Thanks for stopping by.