Some Great Steps For Approaching God In Times of Crisis

God showed me something today, I wanted to share with you.  During times of crisis, Satan wants to make us "feel" disconnected, distracted and far away from God.  Why is that?  God is our source of strength!  Many days I do not understand God but I do trust Him.  Why? Because I love Him and He first loved me!  If you are feeling a disconnect today with God, may this scripture encourage you!

Here Are The Steps

Come and Listen

Notice the Psalmist calls all who fear God to come to Him.  We fear God because we love Him and we yield to His authority.  Approaching God in times of crisis allows us to humble ourselves, realize our situation is bigger than our abilities and depend on Him for instruction!  Perfect Instruction!

Cry To Him With Praise

This jumped out to me because I realize that crying out to God just for the sake of crying is a great emotional release.  However; praise redirects our cries.  Just as a parent, sibling or close friend relishes it when you come to them with a problem, so does God.  Cries apart from praise keep the emphasis on our crisis.  Cries accompanied with praise places the emphasis on God who can rescue us!

God Listens and Answers

Reject the idea that God is too busy for you or that He has no desire to hear your cries.  He created you.  He sent His son to die for you!  If that doesn't prove your importance to Him, what more could He do?  Notice verses 19-20 assures us that God does listen and answer prayer.  His love is unfailing!

Be Encouraged today!

God has not left you!  God wants to hear from you!  He is still in control.  He is ready for you and I to come to Him!