The Lord Will Guide You Today

Routines are big for us aren't they?

When our schedules get disrupted our anxieties intensify. During these days of a global pandemic and social unrest many people are very anxious and feel like they don't know which way to turn. For example, lately our call volume at the fire department was pretty light. Anyone who has been in the fire service knows that just means a run of calls is on its way. Sure enough the other day we were dispatched to 5 calls in one day. For a metro station that's nothing but for us it was busy.

You do not have to be a firefighter to understand the problem of being too busy.

The tendency is to become reactionary rather than productive. To let your circumstances guide your path. That my friend can be a dangerous place to be. Just like a firefighter that stays in contact with the hose from the truck in a room filled with heat and blinding smoke, or a hiker looks for trail markers in the wilderness, we all must remember to stay on target.

There are many pathways we can take, but God directs us on the "best" ones.

They are often not the shortest or easiest paths, but definitely best for us. So whether you are bored to tears today or struggling to catch your breath, remember the word's of the psalmist today, "The Lord says, "I will guide you!"